Hair characteristics

We humans have approx. 150,000 head hairs and (depending on the hair color) approx. 90,000 (red) – approx. 110,000 (brown) – approx. 140,000 (blond).

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Each day we lose between 60-100 hairs each.
A single strand of hair is very strong and can hold a weight of 100 grams, so a person’s head hair could hold 12 tons. It is a strength that can be comparable to the materials kevlar and aluminum. However, if the hair is wet, it loses much of its strength.

Many, especially men, get hair loss with age due to hormonal changes and some may become bald. Some diseases can have the same effect, where all the hair on the body falls off.

People who have undergone chemotherapy often lose their hair for a while. This is because chemotherapy is a poison (paclitaxel) designed to attack rapidly dividing cells, such as the cancer cells. But the cells that divide the fastest are the hair cells and they are therefore also affected.