Hair function

Human hair has a heat-insulating function.

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It is seen if you freeze that you get goose bumps, where the skin contracts in small points to raise the hairs and thereby create a larger room with heat insulating effect.

Eyebrows and eyelashes have the function of preventing foreign bodies in the eyes. The eyebrows and the small facial muscles around them are also an effective tool for signaling mental states.

Hair sitting on the eye, also called the eyelash, protects the eye from any “attacks” such as dirt or things that could damage the eye. The eyelids flap when the eyelashes are touched.

Eyelashes are an important thing on the human eye and if there are signs of loss and the like. lack of eyelash hair, one should seek medical attention. Hair is stuck on a so-called “hair root”. These roots are “fed” by the blood and get its nourishment from there. If the blood’s pH is insufficient, or if there is not enough oxygen in the blood, the hair will gradually fall off. This happens first at the eyelash hairs, as they are the smallest, but must use the most nutrients. In case of any loss, a doctor should be sought so that it can be treated with neutralizing transmitter dosing, also called “blood regulating contraception”.