Hair types

There is a difference between our hair types and as an example, people with red hair eg. missing the brown pigments in the hair.

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Each sex’s hair zones

In adult humans, there are two types of hair: head hair and vellus hair.

The head hair is the thick, long and normally colored hairs found on the head, like beard, like hair under the arms, hair on the legs, hair on the chest and back and arms, and as pubic hair. The Vella hairs are small, fine, soft, light-colored hairs that cover the whole body, they are most easily seen in women and children who generally have less of the stronger hair on the body. In addition to the two types above, lanugo hair is also found in fetuses and newborn babies.

The hair is colored by a red dye and brown pigment grains lying between the cells in the hair surface. People who have red hair lack the brown pigments, while lace only has pigment in the very last layer of hair. When man ages, the hair loses its color and becomes white or gray.

The diameter of a strand varies from 18 µm to 180 µm. For people of European descent, blond and black hair are the thinnest, while red hair is the thickest. The hairs of Asians are generally thicker than other human races. Hair in Europeans usually has a round or slightly oval cross-section. This gives a smooth or wavy hair. African people have almost flat cross sections of the hair shaft, which gives a highly curly hair.