KiSimple atopiCARE 90%


KiSimple atopiCARE 90% is used as ointment for dry and delicate skin on the face and body of children and adults, as well as elderly with dry, scaly, tight skin, Ichthyosis and problem skin or where the skin is very dry.

The cream has a high fat content of 90% and melts immediately after application on the skin and is therefore easy to apply and extremely comfortable to use, even in areas with hair.

For small children, it is often a good idea to apply the cream on your own hands, wait a moment until the cream melts and then apply it on the child.

The cream can also be used with treatment in the vulva area, and the cream is ideel towards LSF and sevear dryness around the vagina. When used in the vulva area, the creams has to be massaged into and around the relevant area. The high fat content acts as a barrier that keeps the area moisturized.

The cream has a long lasting moisturizing effect and makes the skin soft, smoth and less vulnerable.

Apply in a thin layer or apply what the skin can absorb.

Apply the cream on the skin within the first few minutes after a bath, in order to get the best possible effect of the cream.

The cream KiSimple atopiCARE 90% is produced and developed by our Danish manufacturing partner, who has more than 40 years of experience in producing skincare products to customers from all over the world.

Fat content: 90%

pH = 6,0


Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Cera Alba (White Beewax), Cetyl Palmitate (Softner) and Aqua.

All known and proven substances and Nordic Trading guarantees that the content corresponds to the declaration.

KiSimple atopiCARE 90% 40 ml. tube.

Item no. 312484 EAN: 5709572012484

Measures in cm. Hight: 6 Width: 3 Depth: 3

Weight: App. 50 g.

KiSimple atopiCARE 90% 80 ml. jar.

Item no. 312507 EAN: 5709572012507

Measures in cm. Hight: 4 Width: 5 Depth: 5

Weight: App. 90 g.

KiSimple atopiCARE 90% 225 ml. tube.

Item no. 312514    EAN: 5709572012514

Measures in cm. Hight: 20 Width: 5 Depth: 5

Weight: App. 245 g.

KiSimple atopiCARE 90% 450 ml. jar.

Item no. 312521    EAN: 5709572012521

Measures in cm. Hight: 7 Width: 9 Depth: 9

Weight: App. 490 g.