Lenkosal Skin Balm 250 ml. jar


The ointment is absorbed fast by the skin, avoiding the oily skin for too long.

The scent is a natural scent that has been made as mild as possible, so professionals can work with the balm for a long time without being irritated by a too strong scent.

Lenkosal Skin Balm is an ointment that acts as a conditioner for the skin.

If you suffer from dry skin on your hands, feet or anywhere on your body, then the mild Lenkosal Skin Balm may help you. Lenkosal Skin Balm is a mild balm based on active extracts, including marigold/Calendula and pericardium with peanut oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, mineral oil and with C and E vitamins as antioxidants.

A balm with many benefits

  • dry skin
  • small wounds and tears
  • eczema
  • skin scalding / sunburn
  • hemorrhoids
  • and much more.

When using Lenkosal Skin Balm, just apply a very thin layer in both morning and evening. You quickly notice the results. If you are traveling south, remember to take Lenkosal Skin Balm with you 😉 It is good for preventing and relieving sunburn.

The balm different content of oils is good for the skin’s flexibility and the marigold and pericardium are good for wound healing, so there are many good things in Lenkosal Skin Balm that you may also enjoy.

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